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Melissa N. Melaugh
Artist | Professional | Varied

About SolarLunix

:iconsixwordstories: :iconteam-undertaker: :iconwritten-illustrated:

SolarLunix is an artist born 17 April 1992 in Pennsylvania, but was always Irish at heart. She met RyanM651 right here on dA 26 May 2014. They met in person 3 July 2014 and realised just how happy they were together. She decided to move to Ireland so they could be together in September 2014 and they were married by 17 October 2014 and have been happily together ever since.

As an artist it's easier to find things that she doesn't do rather than what she does do. The list of what she does includes:
:bulletwhite: Photography
:bulletwhite: Digital Art
:bulletwhite: Traditional Art
:bulletwhite: Bead Work
:bulletwhite: Metal Work
:bulletwhite: Six Word Stories
:bulletwhite: Fictional Stories - mostly Fantasy and Romance
:bulletwhite: Scientific Articles and reviews
:bulletwhite: Poetry
:bulletwhite: Crochet

She's always looking to expand her horizons and is trying to teach herself Computer Science while working with her husband who is currently going to university for Computer Science (he'll graduate by the end of this year and plans on starting his PhD).

SolarLunix suffers from Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. She's always open to talking about her afflictions and she would be more than happy to be an unbiased ear if you need to talk about yours. She tries to frequent the help forums as much as she can so that deviants in need can get the help they deserve.

If you want to get to know her more, drop her a comment or a note. She'd be happy to talk to you!

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Weekly Update [2]

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2016, 12:37 PM
Hello hello, 

    Well, I have fallen back to earth and I am alive again. You may have seen me submit two sketches for a three part commission I've been working on. I can't believe that I've let the commission take so long, but it's because I've had a lot of trouble getting proportions correct. To rectify this, I've decided to take a drawing from the imagination class since I've already taken a figure drawing class and can basically draw anything I see if I take my time. Hopefully this will help me get into the swing of things again. I hope that I'll have a lot of sketches and what not to upload here from the class. After I finish that class, I also have another class for drawing sexy pin-up girls. I'm REALLY looking forward to that class and I'm looking forward to finishing this one up too. 

    Today I've been drawing my heart out and so my wrist is really starting to bother me. I have also started a web development class so I will soon be able to create my own websites and will even be able to give you guys CSS tutorials as well as awesome skins and what not for journals... hopefully. I am hoping to get into freelance work in my free time.

    It's official. I am on my way to finally being a college graduate. I will graduate with a degree in Biology, which isn't what I want to do, but at least I'll have graduated. I plan on following it up with a Master's Conversion from Biology to Computer Science. I hope then to take my PhD in Computer Science, and also do a PhD in Biology because I have an idea that I want to finish up before I leave biology behind. 

    In the mean time I have a lot on my plate. As you guys know I am currently offering commissions. Those are closed until I finish the other Commissions on my list... there aren't many, but with everything going on I only want to take on a few people at a time. I easily take on too much (it's in my personality to want to help everyone and do everything.) So thank you all for understanding :bademoticon: 

    I only have one week left of my core membership, so I guess this will be one of the last really pretty journals you'll see for a while (unless some nice deviant tops me up). I can't spend money on this site anymore because I am unable to find any work. (That's why I'm taking classes to try to freelance my way to keeping our apartment.) 

    Things have been a little rocky here. I've been searching for my birth family. I was born Melissa Ashley Simkins. If anyone knows anything about a woman who had to give a daughter born 17 April 1992, please let me know. It seems that my mother has dropped off the face of the Earth and I'm really hoping that I can eventually meet her or any siblings that I have. It turns out that my birth father may have died already. I really hope not because I'd really like to get to know him and my mother; if they want to know me that is. 

    The other thing is that my husband has been having a lot of trouble with university and his mood swings. We are currently seeking help, although things have calmed down lately now that he takes his depression medication a lot more regularly. We are doing our best to keep things together. He has a lot of work coming up and I have to be right there to help him so he doesn't get overwhelmed. This week we need to get him prepared for an in-class exam and start two projects due in half a month. He also has to finish up his final year project. He thinks he's basically done, so I'm hoping that is the case. 

    Anyway, that's been the weekly update. Stay tuned. And thank you all for baring with my frequent absences. I know it can be a little annoying. 

To see my personal Archive click here

This Week's Projects

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red bar-Starting by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Yellow :bademoticon: ElviraTepes - Literature Tag 
Bullet; Yellow ElviraTepes - Baby Dragon
Bullet; Yellow ElviraTepes - Her OC 
Bullet; Yellow :bademoticon: kyrawriter - Drawing 3 
Bullet; Yellow ArtbyAimie - Baby Dragon
Bullet; Yellow TheKingOfAllFoxes853 - Their OC
Bullet; Yellow Valrunie - Baby Dragon
Bullet; Yellow Create my own status bars

Lrg Red Bar-25% by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Yellow :bademoticon: kyrawriter - Drawing 1 
Bullet; Yellow :bademoticon:  kyrawriter - Drawing 2
Bullet; Yellow :bademoticon:  Review Paper - Plant Emotions? 
Bullet; Yellow Hih0shi - Story
Bullet; Yellow RyanM651 & SolarLunix - Blanket
Bullet; Yellow CyberPunkSammy - Her OC

Lrg-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Yellow SolarLunix Instant Messanger 
Bullet; Yellow JJWsmith - Story

Lrg Red Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Yellow :bademoticon:  Profile and Blog Overhaul 

red bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Yellow Easter Basket 
Bullet; Yellow Mother's Day Card (UK)

Drawing 2 - Commission sketch for KyraWriter by SolarLunix
Drawing 2 - Commission sketch for KyraWriter
Sketch 2 of a 3 drawing Commission for kyrawriter

This is just a rough sketch. I'm currently taking a drawing class in order to make this 100x better, so proportions are bound to change at least a little bit. 
Dear Temper,

    What the?! Didn't you get Mel's message? Mel and I got into a horrific accident on our way back to his house last month. We only just got out of the hospital. Didn't anyone tell you? Didn't you think something was weird when you didn't hear from either of us since that night?

    I love you. I mean, at least, I am pretty sure I love you because you are the only person I could think about while I was laid up in the hospital. Since it's just me and Mel, we weren't able to get new phones to email you and Mel said he tried a few times to get you on the phone. Mel couldn't remember your cell number so he only was able to call the house.

    Kyrsha is fine, thankfully they let her stay, she managed to get away with just a few bruises. My baby is fine, and I'm doing alright physically. Mel and I each had some broken bones and some deep gashes, but everyone survived at least. It was a drunk driver who was in our lane going insanely fast with their lights off. 

    Mel's parents came from a state away to drop us off at his house. Mel says we'll be going out to get a car tomorrow if he's feeling up for it. He wants to get an SUV for the safety and he says for the room so that you and I can both have our babies in the back comfortably. Although I think he expects us to buy it off of him if we decide to move in together. I have a bond that will release when I turn eighteen, and so I agreed. If you don't want it or don't want to see me anymore it's fine, I'll still be able to buy it off of him. 


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